Data Dog


Enhancing Your Data Helps You Gain the Competitive Edge

Once your customer list is determined, you need reliable, fast data processing services to enhance it. Classic Mail excels at data enhancement, and the resulting accuracy is critical whether you're mailing to your own company's customers—or to prospects from a rented list.

With many unique, specialty data-processing services Classic Mail lets you customize your mailing list based on your data processing needs. Classic Mail has a fully modernized, high-tech, and completely equipped letter shop to accommodate the requirements of complex mail, and all bulk and mass mailing needs.  

At Classic Mail, no job is too large, too small, or too difficult to put together. We offer high quality custom assembly of complex projects, including multi-piece letters and packages, as well as fragile materials in any unusual size or shape. Our highly skilled and experienced manual assembly team provides fast, accurate service for even the most complicated projects. With careful attention to detail, and rigorous quality control, we personally ensure that every component of your mailing is assembled precisely, packaged, labeled correctly, and shipped safely in compliance with current postal regulations.

Data Conversion across formats powers other Classic Mail data services: for example, data enhancement, as well as merge and purge.

Input Technology provides Data Entry for form processing, surveys, business reply forms, and any other documents requiring input.

Data Enhancement informs an existing database to supplement phone-numbers—and a host of other data—as well as in-depth demographic, psychographic, and firmagraphic information. Classic Mail combines lists from multiple sources and then deletes duplicates—helping to create successful direct mail campaigns.

National Change of Address makes available current changes of address, corrects addressing errors, and reduces undeliverable mail.

Special Handling allows for item presort to specific carrier walks—or other delivery routes—using standard codes. Presortation software is recognized by Canada Post (CP) and streamlines processing within the CP mail network.

Address Verification and Correction software ensures efficient delivery of mail, and meets address accuracy requirements.